Outings & Sightings 8/7/2010

I didn’t sleep too well in anticipation of birding this morning. My objective was to drive to the Great Miami River area near the University of Dayton Arena. Then go over to Germantown Metropark to see what’s up over there.

My 2 previous visits to the GMR was somewhat productive, but I had gone in the evening. This time I wanted to check it out in the morning. If it wasn’t for the fisherman who was wading and spooking the birds I might have seen more.

As you can see by the picture, river levels rise and fall quite a bit. In the 3 times I’ve been there I have seen the river level different each time.

Birds of interest for this visit are:

Least Sandpiper

Spotted Sandpiper


Ring-billed Gull

Canada Geese

Banks Swallow

Cliff Swallow

Mourning Dove

My next stop was Germantown Metropark which is about a half and hour form the GMR. It was a real nice drive and never having been there before I was very much surprised by this park. I need to make sure I visit during spring migration.

My visit started at the nature center. Which was closed at the time. So I went to check out some of the trails that spread out from the nature center area. They were nicely marked and easy to follow. There is a board walk right behind the nature center that is handicap accessible that immerses you into a mature forest that drops off the a stream below. Beautiful. Good diverse habitat for forest and field birds.

Birds of interest:




Ruby-throated Hummingbird-Lots

House Finch


Mourning Dove

Carolina Chickadee

Eastern Towhee


Red-bellied Woodpecker

Field Sparrow

Chimney Swift

Tufted Titmouse

Turkey Vulture

Magnolia Warbler

The real surprise was when I was standing outside the nature center, when I heard a warbler calling just above me. Using my brand new Leopold 8 x 42 binoculars I was able to spot, much to my delight, a Magnolia Warbler. I watched the bird for several minutes before it flew off. Several minutes passed before he came back, landing in a Locust tree. This time I had a better view of the field marks and I’m 100% positive of this bird. As a matter of fact I tried to get the 2 girls who worked at the nature center to come out and confirm it. But alas, no warbler. We waited for a while before I decided to leave. On my way out I was walking up to my truck when I heard it call again. Quickly trying to locate it in the Locust trees, I saw it fly out and leave for good.

With the recent posting on Ohio Bird of sightings of a Chestnut Sided and a Black & White Warbler, this makes me feel better. The fall migration is starting.

So, with that said, keep a sharp lookout for all our warbler friends.


One response to “Outings & Sightings 8/7/2010

  1. I appreciate your observation about this trail being handicap accessible. This is something I’m always watching for before we head out. Thank you.

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