Outings and Sightings 9/14/2010

Had been noticing some chatter on Cincinnati Bird and Ohio Bird involving a Franklin’s Gull chillin’ on the beach at Caesar Creek State Park.

And me being one who won’t turn down an opportunity to spot a new bird, sped off in the bird-mobile right after work. Not knowing what to expect when I got there, I detoured home to pick up my 12×50’s, spotting scope, and camera before heading up. I’m glad I did. When I got there Allan C. was already there, and had his camera rig set to go. “So Allan where is he”, I asked?  From the direction of his camera, it became pretty obvious. Right there in the middle of the lake. So I set up my own scope and started scanning with my binoculars. He was pretty easy to spot, and I was able to put my spotting scope on him for a closer look. He was already beginning to molt and it was obvious by the lack of black on the front of his head, as opposed to the back. Needless to say it was a beautiful bird even though he never got any closer. Watched him for about 15 minutes before he took off with the rest of the Ring-billed Gulls.

So now I’ll close with a parting shot of the lake, and one more new bird for the old life list. So the moral of the story might be, if at all possible try not to by-pass a chance to see a new species. I didn’t.

P.S. This photo is the actual Franklin’s Gull reported in the above post. This is courtesy of Bob Powell. Sorry for it being small.


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