Outings and sightings 9/26/2010

As a birder we all have that keen sense of observation that enables us to pursue our passion. But after today’s outing the one observation that I’ve noticed is what great friends I have, and as Bogart once stated, “I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship”. Once again I want to thank Phil and my new friend Kathi for a great day of birding. So, enough of the mushy stuff, and onto the crux of the matter.

Phil and I hooked up with Kathi at about 7:30 am and proceeded to Spring Valley. It’s been several months since I’ve been there, so I was anxious to see if there was any action. And with the addition of 2 more sets of eyes covering the area, our chances greatly improve. It became obvious when we leveled off at the bottom of the downhill grade, that the drought has effected Spring Valley and it’s marsh. The trail usually holds water and even in the summer the ground is soft. Not so today. As we enter onto the boardwalk we’re greeted with this sight.

As we make our way towards the observation platform, we were on the prowl for a Sora. We weren’t disappointed. About 2/3 of the way down we distinctly heard 2 Sora’s calling in an area where the Cattails weren’t nearly as tall as the above picture.

On top of the observation platform I was able to take this photo of 2 Canadian Geese. I know that they’re far away, but without my tele-converter, this is the kind of photo you get. Which I think is kind of good.

We made our way back to hike a side trail, and without our spotting scopes, went looking for anything in particular. We were lucky, for we did locate a few warblers, but after running into a hunter, and hearing shots fired in the distance since we arrived, we decided to return to our vehicles to head over to the mudflats. Now don’t take me wrong. it wasn’t the hunters that scared us off, but the shooting can be unnerving. Plus, I don’t think birds like guns.

A short drive later we arrive at the parking area where it’s a short hike back to the mudflats. Looking up into that clear blue autumn sky, we spot a immature Bald Eagle. As Phil would say, “This is a good omen”.

The flats produced several good birds, and a wonderful viewing of a Sharp-shinned hawk. Now you have to admit it, when you look at a picture like the one above, it sure does make you feel good inside.

The following is the list for the day.

  1. Canada Goose
  2. Sora
  3. Double-creasted Cormorant
  4. American Robin
  5. Northern Cardinal
  6. Chimney Swift
  7. Tree Swallow
  8. Common Crow
  9. Red Wing Black Bird
  10. Downy Woodpecker
  11. Grey Catbird
  12. Eastern Goldfinch
  13. Belted Kingfisher
  14. Song Sparrow
  15. Carolina Wren
  16. Wood Duck
  17. Palm Warbler
  18. Red-eyed Vireo
  19. Tufted Titmouse
  20. Eastern Phoebe
  21. Mourning Dove
  22. Northern Flicker
  23. White-breasted Nuthatch
  24. Swainson’s Thrush-audible
  25. Red-bellied Woodpecker
  26. Yellow-rumped warbler
  27. Black Pole
  28. Black-throated green warbler
  29. Pileated Woodpecker
  30. Eastern Towhee
  31. Bald Eagle
  32. Great Blue Heron
  33. Ring-billed Gull
  34. Killdeer
  35. Least Sandpiper
  36. Great Egret
  37. Spotted Sandpiper
  38. Pectoral Sandpiper
  39. Black Vulture
  40. Turkey Vulture
  41. Blue Jay
  42. Broad-winged Hawk

2 responses to “Outings and sightings 9/26/2010

  1. Always good birding with you. You are good luck for me.


  2. Sounds like you had an awesome morning of birding! I’m impressed with how many birds you saw. 🙂

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