New Bird Books

As a birder I’ve often wondered if we’re not birding, then what do we do to fulfill our thirst for birds? Well fellow reader, we buy books related to birds. Over the past few weeks I’ve created a list of bird books as must haves. And I think this is where my daughter has rubbed off on me. If you happen to follow her blog, Paperback Fool, you’ll notice in her most recent posting her sudden impulse to buy a couple of books. Well the same holds true for me. Instead of a bookstore, I fell to the power of So I spent the last of my birthday money on 2 new books. The first one was recommended to me by Jay Stenger, “The Birds Of Ohio: With Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas Maps” by Bruce G. Peterjohn

The second one is a complete accident, if that makes sense. I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Bill of the Birds on Blogspot, and I noticed on his recent post, him talking about confusing fall warblers. Well, it seems he has written a book called “Identify Yourself: The 50 Most common Birding Identification Challenges”, by Bill Thompson III. I can tell you right now I hate to be confused, so without further delay, I clicked that button on, and bought it.

So if you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited, and certainly hope that they prove their worth. I will be reviewing them in the future, so stay tuned. So fellow birders, as colder weather starts to settle in, and our time outside birding tappers off a little, do yourself a favor. Buy yourself a new bird book and brush up on your skills. We’re never too old to learn.


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