Caesar Creek/ Harveysburg Road

So on this Thanksgiving eve, with temperatures hovering in the mid 30’s, and this real nasty rain coming down in a steady stream, what would you be doing? Now if your me you’d be out birding. I know I need my head examined, however, they say that the crapper the weather the better the birding. Especially waterfowl.

I arrived at about 3:30 and stayed for about 45 minutes to an hour. Or was it till I couldn’t keep the water off my spotting scope eye piece. There were a good amount of quantity, but not a great variety. The rain was definitely keeping the ducks on the water, and bunched together, though the different species of waterfowl left a lot to be desired. I spotted a couple of 20+ rafts of Common Loons and Ruddy Ducks and Buffleheads.

So with the light fading, and losing the battle of keeping the spotting scope dry, I took my freezing fingertips and soggy rain jacket home. Here’s my trip list.

  1. Ruddy Duck
  2. Redhead
  3. Bufflehead
  4. Common Loon
  5. Bonaparte’s Gull
  6. Horned Grebe
  7. Double-creasted Cormorant
  8. Hooded Merganser

2 responses to “Caesar Creek/ Harveysburg Road

  1. Dec 3, 2010 at sunset, 30-40 Sandhill cranes landed in Caesar Creek.

  2. Dec. 3, 2010 I spotted 40 Sandhill cranes landing at Caesar Creek at sunset.

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