Caesar Creek State Park/ Harveysburg Road

New life bird. Nothing rolls off the tongue quite like those 3 words. As you probably have guessed I was pretty excited by reading on Cincinnati Birds of the 31 Long-tailed Ducks that has graced us with their presence. And I’ve been on pins and needles almost all day, dying to get off work to view these rarities to our area. It’s not that we don’t get any at all. We get an occasional one every year. However, 31 is a different thing all together.

So as soon as I could get off work I made a bee line to the hot spot on Caesar Creek lake. Harveysburg Road.

From this vantage point at the end of Harveysburg Road, the lake justs opens up before you. It is my favorite spot.

Meet up with a gentleman who lived in the area. Actually he told me he’s lived in the area all his life and remembers when there was no lake at all. So as we started scanning the lake, we were amazed at the amount of waterfowl on the lake. Enormous rafts of Mallards and Black Ducks were everywhere. But no Oldsquaws. We had been looking for about 10 minutes when I noticed out of the corner of my eyes white birds floating on the water. I said out loud, “Where did they come from”, and sure enough there they were. They seem to have appeared out of nowhere. Granted they are smaller than the ducks I’m used to see, and there was a chop on the lake, which can hide smaller ducks, but this was spooky. However as you watched them, you would notice that they would dive as a group and come up together. Which could explain how they just appeared to us. And if that wasn’t enough, we spotted a Red-necked Grebe. Another lifer for me. I stayed for about an hour and a half, before heading home a happy birder.

Allan Claybon did get a picture of them that I’ve included below. Thanks again Allan.

Photograph courtesy of Allan Claybon

Birds for the day includes:

  1. Ruddy Duck
  2. Redhead
  3. Hooded Merganser
  4. Mallard
  5. Black Duck
  6. Horned Grebe
  7. Pied-bill Grebe
  8. Red-neck Grebe-Lifer
  9. Long-tailed Duck-Lifer

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