A New Bird Guide

It’s Christmas evening and  I thought I would do a late post of a new bird guide my daughter gave me as a Christmas present. It’s “The Sibley Guide To Birds”. This is the one I’ve been wanting for some time, and now it’s mine.

Isn’t it beautiful. Even the inside is beautiful. And what’s nice is that it’s the same size as my “Peterson Guide”. So it will fit nicely into my bird/camera bag.

I’ve gone through it a little already and I almost like it as much as my “Peterson”. I like how the author has the laid the pages out. He’s simplified the process of looking up birds. And the range maps are on the same page as the bird. How novel. The pictures though, leave me leaning more towards my “Peterson”. They’re smaller than “Peterson’s”. I really do like the larger pictures and that is a big benefit when it comes to field marks.

Hey, don’t take me wrong, I like them both. However I need to take the “Sibley’s” out into the field to see how she works. So as of this writing, the jury’s out. More to come.


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