Notes From The Field/ Ellis Lake & West Chester Wetlands

The phone rang which startled me from my nap. I love afternoon naps, especially when I have nothing to do. That was soon to change.

Fired up the computer and proceeded to see if anyone had posted any new sightings of Cincinnati Bird. Yes they did. 2 birders whose names I’ve seen several times had posted a good sighting of Lapland Longspurs, Snow Buntings, and Horned Larks over at Ellis Lake and West Chester Wetlands. This is an area where the Mill Creek flows as well as the Miami Erie Canal at one time. Ellis Lake was once use as an ice pond, in the olden times. Now it’s prime real-estate for birders. And being only 19 miles from my front door, I can’t believe that I’ve never been there before today.

These next 3 pictures are of the field which had been plowed. That led to the arrival of the Lapland Longspurs, Snow Buntings and Horned Larks. As your standing in the parking area looking over the field, you’re looking West.

This last picture is looking East, with some frozen ponds in the fore ground. This extends out beyond the trees, which turns into a wetland. Further exploration is necessary.

I’m glad that I finally went. Also with Gilmore Ponds in the general vicinity and Voice of America Park, it would make for a great day of birding hitting all three places in one day. Hmmmmm, sounds like a plan.

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