Notes From The Field

As a birder our natural curiosity will sometimes get the better of us when there’s a really good bird to see. However I’ve shown a good deal of restraint when it comes to the Bald Eagles that have taken up residence in my own neighborhood. Considering the size an majesty of these wonders of the birding kingdom, they are fragile when it comes to humanoid intrusion. They may be off the endangered species list, but they’re still a threatened species and should be left alone as much as possible. Remember they’re on their nest for a reason.  But with the recent posts in regards to the Morrow Eagles, I couldn’t stand it any more. I sent off an E-mail to a secret person and was given directions to the spot.

As you can see from the above picture we have a Sycamore tree with lots of Great Blue Heron nests. Or better yet a rookery. And towards the left of the picture you’ll notice a very large nest. Well that’s the Bald Eagle nest. Before I was able to take the picture there was an Eagle perched right above the nest watching over the other Eagle that was in the nest. As I zoomed in with my scope I noticed that the Eagle in the nest was either feeding itself or something else. I really couldn’t tell because a branch  was obscuring my view of the whole nest. Still watching, the Eagle shifted to the right side of the nest and gave me a profile view, and what I was hoping for, a Eaglet. What the Eagle was feeding to the chick was turtle. I actually saw the Eagle pick up the shell and move it aside. I watched the feeding go on for several minutes till I decided to head home. Needless to say it was quite an evening.


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