Daily Archives: May 10, 2011

Kirtlands Warbler

That’s right. You read that correctly. Myself and a couple of other birders were the lucky ones to see a Kirtlands Warbler today. One of the rarest of the warbler species. Of course this was seen towards the Eastern portion of the boardwalk. All the action happens at the other end of the boardwalk, however with the day wearing on a lot of people were gone for the evening. The people who confirmed this sighting have both seen Kirtlands Warblers before. The gentleman who confirmed it was in Columbus to view the now famous Kirtlands sighting just last week. We both were looking  at it at the same time, when we both said that it looks like a Kirtlands. An older lady came down with a friend and she said that yes it was the real deal.

Now that’s how you make a birder happy. A really, really,really good lifer. Other than this exciting news, it was a good day birding. Total number of different species today is 90

Notes From The Field

Well this trip to Northeastern Ohio certainly started out with high anxiety and excitement. Leaving at 4:05 am I made real good time through Dayton and point beyond. Pulling into a rest stop just South of Bowling Green is when my day went down the crapper. I have a habit of taking my cell phone off my belt to use the facility. This is done so my phone doesn’t accidentally hit those disgusting floors. I didn’t bring phone sanitizer for this trip. I placed it right next to me on the toilet paper dispenser. And yes, that’s where I left it till I remembered it just as I was getting off the highway in Toledo.

Now someone like myself would either turn it in at the desk that was at the rest stop or just leave it. No, some person picked it up, and my mood turned ever downward. Making frantic phone calls from a pay phone I was able to enlist the help from Kathy and David to stop service and re-set certain passwords. I really don’t want to go into too many details.

My next step was waiting for an hour and a half at the Bowling Green Verizon store to be raped for a new phone. Since we just up-graded, we’re not eligible for the cheaper rate. Hence the rapping of Les Houser for his new phone. They had me by the short hairs, and gave them a twist. So now I have a new phone, but my collection of phone numbers are now gone.

Life goes on.

By the time I reached Magee Marsh it was getting onto 11:30 am. I birded heavy there, then went to the beach trail after lunch. Afterwards went to the trail that is outside of Black Swamp Bird Observatory. Then I drove over to Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge to see if there were any wading birds. However they’ve had the problems we’ve had in the Southern part of the state. Too much rain. All the estuaries that I walked by were full of water and no mud flats for wading birds. After walking several miles here I made my way back to my car to head over to my hotel.

Total bird count for the day is 72. I expect more tomorrow.