Kirtlands Warbler

That’s right. You read that correctly. Myself and a couple of other birders were the lucky ones to see a Kirtlands Warbler today. One of the rarest of the warbler species. Of course this was seen towards the Eastern portion of the boardwalk. All the action happens at the other end of the boardwalk, however with the day wearing on a lot of people were gone for the evening. The people who confirmed this sighting have both seen Kirtlands Warblers before. The gentleman who confirmed it was in Columbus to view the now famous Kirtlands sighting just last week. We both were looking  at it at the same time, when we both said that it looks like a Kirtlands. An older lady came down with a friend and she said that yes it was the real deal.

Now that’s how you make a birder happy. A really, really,really good lifer. Other than this exciting news, it was a good day birding. Total number of different species today is 90


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