Notes From The Field/ # 279

The morning started out overcast as the window of opportunity was narrowing with the approaching rain, as David and myself headed out to Ellis Lake/ West Chester Wetlands. A few days ago Mike Busam post a Bell’s Vireo along the bike/hike path that runs east and West from the parking lot.

The post Mike wrote indicated that the Vireo was seen between the 6th and 8th utility pole. I had made a recording of it’s song prior to us leaving so we were familiar with it when we got there. As we watched and listened for a while, I noticed another birder approaching. Introducing myself to him, it turns out to be Mike Busam. We talked for a bit, then he moved on down the trail. I had asked him to let me know if he hears the Vireo to give me a wave. He must have been gone just a couple of minutes that he called David and me to him. He only walked no more than 2 utility pole lengths, so when we got closer you could hear the Vireo call back in the Honeysuckle. After scrambling around a bit in the bushes to get a better view, I finally found it in a tangle of vines wrapped through a Locust Tree. But the treat was I think I saw 2 separate birds. So they may be a mating pair, and that would be good.

After we left, Mike joined David and myself as we ventured over to Voice of America Park. Jonathan Frodge was also at Ellis Lake and he told us about some Blue Grosbeaks he saw over there.  We also wanted to locate some Henslow’s Sparrow, which V.O.A. is noted for. We found the Grosbeak easily enough, however the Henslow’s were not calling. I did catch a fleeting glimpse of a small brownish Sparrow which could have been a Henslow’s, but I didn’t count it.

Then the heavens opened up with more rain and soggy ground, so it was time to leave and go home and dry out.

Notable birds for the day include:

  1. Bell’s Vireo
  2. Blue Grosbeak
  3. Savannah Sparrow
  4. Song Sparrow
  5. Field Sparrow
  6. Mallard
  7. Spotted Sandpiper
  8. Least Sandpiper
  9. Semipalmated Plover
  10. Killdeer
  11. Solitary Sandpiper
  12. Bobolink
  13. Common grackle
  14. Red-winged Black Bird
  15. Great Blue Heron
  16. Turkey Vulture
  17. Eastern Meadowlark
  18. Northern cardinal
  19. Tree Swallow
  20. Barn Swallow
  21. Northern Rough-winged Swallow
  22. American Goldfinch
  23. Yellow Warbler
  24. Common Yellowthroat
  25. American Robin
  26. Gray Catbird

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