Spotlight On Ohio Birds

Yellow-throated Warbler-Dendrocia dominica

Family: Parulidae

Order: Passeriformes

Description: 5 1/2″ (14 cm) Gray, un-streaked upper parts, bright yellow throat and chest. White belly, black and white facial pattern, heavy black streaks on sides.

Voice: A series of clear ringing notes descending in pitch and increasing in speed, then rising abruptly at the end. Teeew-Teeew-Teeew-Tew-Tew-Twi

Habitat: Forests of Pine, Cypress, Sycamore, and Oak, in both swampy places and in dry uplands.

Nesting: 4 purple spotted greenish eggs in a nest of grass and bark strips, lined with hair and feathers. They are often constructed in clumps of Spanish moss or Pine needles.


FYI’S: The Yellow-throated warbler is one of our most common Summertime Warbler.

With the nickname of the Sycamore Warbler, this beautiful bird has a preference for Sycamore trees that are bordering creeks and rivers.

Yellow-throated warblers will start moving South during the 2nd and 3rd week in August. The last migrants will leave between September 22nd and October 3rd.

There have been reports of some very late stragglers visiting feeders even in January, however these are very rare occurrences.

Resource material provided by:

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology/

The Birds of Ohio by Bruce G. Peterjohn


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