“On The Road” # 289

Hide-A-Way Hills/ Hocking County, Ohio

65 M.P.H. That was my mindset as I headed North on I-71 this morning. Traveling music for the day, The Beatles White Album. You can always judge how long the drive is by whether you make it through the White Album or not.  With yesterdays hurry up to B.G.S.U. to drop off more of my son’s stuff before school starts, then the hurry back just to get back at a decent time. So today I wasn’t in no hurry and stayed the speed limit, which was nice. It turns out if you go the speed limit, you don’t have to worry about anyone in front of you.

As usual the scenery towards Columbus was about as normal you would expect. Never having been to this part of Ohio I didn’t know what to expect as I changed from interstate highway to State Route 33 towards Lancaster Ohio. However after 15 minutes you start to see that familiar rolling of the hills like you would find in Kentucky. After exiting Route 33, and following the route that was provided by Map Quest, it was 20 minutes of some nice hilly, curvy roads through some very nice country. Open fields in the valley, with steep hills climbing up with small houses tucked into the sides. It was a beautiful day, and I was going to make the most out of it.

Stopping at the gate after turning in I was given my visitors pass by the security officer, and given directions to the lodge where visiting birders were to park.

It must have been no more than 1 minute when I noticed the adult Mississippi Kite flying overhead. Grabbing my binoculars and camera I was able to snap a few shots worth posting.

If you look closely, you can see that it’s eating something it had caught on the wing.

The Kite is on the left hand side.

I arrived about 10 minutes after the start time of 1pm, and there were already 40 people there. They were gathered around this ladies back yard where the juvenile was perched in a dead tree. One of the parents would show up and feed it dead bugs like cicadas.

I was shooting this picture through some branches, which explains the dark shadows on the picture. There wasn’t a lot of good ground to set my rig up on. There were a good many people.

One of the adults bringing in a bug. As soon as the juvenile had the bug, the adult was gone. It didn’t hang out with the juvenile. So getting a shot with both of the was a waiting game.

For a long time this was the view we were offered. You really couldn’t see the markings on the breast. It flew off after about 20 minutes, which dispersed the crowd to other parts looking for the adults flying.

A bug in the beak, is worth 2 in the bush.

Stretching it’s wings for a bug.

A better profile view.

Now that he’s turned a little with his head looking down, you can see the streakiness on the head and body, where in an adult it’s gray.

It was a great looking family of Mississippi Kites, and if they offer this trip again next year, (only if the pair nests there again) I would recommend it, especially if your missing this particular kite off your life list. For me it’s number 289 and counting.


2 responses to ““On The Road” # 289

  1. That’s one I haven’t seen yet! The Hocking Hills is on my to-visit list 🙂

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