Gilmore Ponds

I knew that Gilmore Ponds was to re-open this Summer. I’ve been waiting for this moment for some time. So how did it slip my mind? I don’t know, but I’m grateful for Mike Busam, local birder, to post from there after visiting a couple of times this week. Re-named Gilmore MetroPark, I owe this park a good all day visit. Mike has reported some very good habitat for wading birds. Unfortunately what he did discover was an abundance of Silver Maples growing around some of the ponds which will make viewing difficult.

This 268 acre park is a must see for any birder in the Tri-State area, and we need to make sure if we do visit, that we have a Butler County MetroPark pass. I’ve only visited the park once, while it was closed, and I felt uncomfortable about what I thought was sneaking onto private property. So I never went back and really discovered it’s secrets. So now with a spring in my step, a map in hand, and a pass hanging from my rear view mirror, hopefully my next outing will be Gilmore MetroPark. So stay tuned for more.


One response to “Gilmore Ponds

  1. …cool! I’m glad this park has reopened. I need to check it out again.

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