Spotlight on Ohio Birds

Lesser Yellowlegs-Tringa flavipes

Family: Scolopacidae

Order: Charadriiformes

Description: 10 1/2″ (27 cm) Slender, gray streaked wader with conspicuous white rump and long yellow legs. This is the smaller, more slender edition of the Greater Yellowlegs. They have a proportionately shorter, straighter, more slender bill. They appear to have longer legs than the Greater Yellowlegs.

Voice: A flat tu-tu, less musical than Greater Yellowllegs

Habitat: Breeds in Northern bogs, frequenting marshy ponds, lakes, and rivers shores and mudflats during migration.

Nesting: 4 buff eggs, blotched with brown, in a slight depression on the open ground near water.


FYI’s: Both male and female provide parental care to the young, however the female will leave the breeding area before the chicks can fly, leaving the male to protect them.

They are Ohio’s most abundant and widely distributed shore bird. In the Spring they start arriving with their greatest numbers between April 20th and May 15th. Some of the largest concentration occur on Lake Erie where 300-500 individuals can develop.

During the Fall migration they are one of the first to migrate. The last migrant will usually be gone by the first week in November. The largest total of Fall migrants at one time happen in Ottawa County in 1982 with 1,700 Lesser Yellowlegs.

Resource material provided by:

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology/

The Birds of Ohio by Bruce G. Peterjohn

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