May the (Eastern) Bluebird of happiness…

Yesterday evening after dinner was over and the dishes were done, Kathy and myself were sitting on our front porch enjoying the last remnants of the first full weekend of Autumn. Sunday evenings in my neighborhood can be rather quiet and still. Traffic is light and the neighbor kids are in finishing up the last bit of their homework.

Directly across the street from my house sits this vacant lot. And as long as we’ve lived here the lot has always been vacant. The nice thing about this lot other than some nice green space, last night it turned into the playground for a group of at least 5 to 6 Eastern Bluebirds.

For an hour we watched as they chased each other all over the place. They visited everyone’s yard looking for bugs to eat or just to play. We watched as they flew from tree to fence to telephone pole and back again multiple times. And in the  midst of all this frivolity you can hear them calling to each other in their soft way.

As parents we’ve all taken the kids to a park and played with them, whether it’s on the jungle gym or throwing a Frisbee back and forth. I think tonight was one of those occasion where the parents took the kids out to play. Because you could easily separate the parents from the juveniles.

We’re blessed to have Eastern Bluebirds here year round, however last night you could almost see how they were bonding as a family unit one last time before they leave the nest, or the comfort of home, for good.

Being a new “Empty Nester” myself, this causes one to stop and reflect.

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