Daily Archives: November 8, 2011

Notes From The Field

Caesar Creek State Park

I’ve been anxious to visit Caesar Creek for some time, however with duck hunting season ending last Sunday, I thought it best to stay away despite the recent sighting of a female Surf Scoter. One of my nemesis birds. So after getting off from work, I went home and picked up my gear and Kathy, who decided to come along and enjoy the waning day. With it getting dark by 6 pm we didn’t have too much time to get there and scope out the lake.

The view of the lake from Harveysburg Road. There were no duck to be seen. The large raft that was reported Friday had taken off, and my chance to see my Surf Scoter. However the evening was pleasant with a soft breeze coming off the lake. Most of the noise came from fishermen powering their boats across the lake.

I was able to grab a shot of this small group of Common Loons. They were perfectly happy to keep their distance, so this picture is not a very good one.

A Northern Flicker called from behind. Turning around I was able to get a couple of pictures before it flew away.

Just prior to Kathy and I leaving, I took this picture of the sun setting on a wonderful evening.