Nemesis Bird

As birders we probably have a nemesis bird, or birds, that stays right outside our reach. The carrot that’s being dangled right in front of our eyes. Do you have a nemesis bird?

Bill Thompson III., editor of Bird Watcher’s Digest wrote on his blog (Bill of the Birds) last Winter about his hunt for his nemesis bird, the Bohemian Waxwing. The story he wove of his friend and himself searching for several days in Michigan for this bird was an amusing adventure, and something I was could relate to because I would do the same thing. So maybe your nemesis bird takes you to other states, or keeps you close to home, it’s the search that drives us birders on.

For the longest time my nemesis bird was the Red-breasted Nuthatch.

These cute, little birds are year-round residents out West and North into Canada, making it down into my part of Ohio during Autumn and Winter. Not as common as their White-breasted cousin, but a pretty reliable bird, except for me. It seemed like an eternity till I finally spotted one at a friends house just a few miles from from where I live. Chalk another one up to perseverance.

Now I have new ones. They’re not common to Ohio, however during this time of year I might be able to score if the timing is right. So the 3 at the top of my “Gotta Find” list are, Northern Shrike, Surf Scoter, and Tundra Swan. All tips are greatly appreciated.

So what is your “Nemesis Bird”? Let me know in the comments section.


One response to “Nemesis Bird

  1. I think my nemesis birds right now are White-rumped and Stilt Sandpipers. Everyone else seems to see them except me, or I’m not in town when they happen to come through. One of these days though I’ll finally track them down.

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