I started this blog, “A Birder’s Notebook”, back in August 2010 with the hope of sharing with other people my love for the nature of birds. I didn’t know how far I was going with it, or how it would evolve over time. But as I became a more involved and better birder, so did “A Birder’s Notebook”.

At one point during the day while I was at work “A Birder’s Notebook” had it’s 10,000th view. It would be nice to know who viewed my blog on this occasion, but it’s not just that one person I want to thank. I want to thank everyone who has read my blog whether you like it or not, or whether your a birder or not.

So I hope to bring you more great birding fun as the year comes to a close, because I plan on continuing this blog for some time. So once again, to all my loyal, and part time readers, Thank You.     Les Houser


One response to “10,000 Views!

  1. Thanks for putting this togeather…..I really enjoy it!

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