Bird Study Merit Badge

4th Annual Bird Study Merit Badge Workshop

After a few phone calls and reapplying of some on-line paperwork, the final date for our workshop has been set. Saturday, April 28th, 2012 at Fernald Preserve. This will be Phil and my second time we’ve held this event at Fernald, with last year being our first time. We were so impressed with the facility and their hospitality that we just had to try and reserve it again this year. And with better communications between ourselves and the local Boy Scout council, we will once again meet our quota of Boy Scouts attending.

All the important information in regards to the workshop is being published in the council newspaper, and with that we’ll start signing boys up as they call either Phil or myself reserving their spots. So stay tuned for more information  as we start the new year.


7 responses to “Bird Study Merit Badge

  1. Les, I’ve got quite a few scouts very interested in the Bird Study merit badge. I’m looking for a solid information on the date for this. The Fireside Chat says May 5th. The post here says Apr 28th. Can you provide me with details? Date, Time and anything the scouts need to do and/or bring for the day? I appreciate your time!


    Mike Behr

  2. Hi Les,
    Are there any more spaces available for the Bird Study Merit Badge at Fernald?

    • Unfortunately no. We filled the 12 spots weeks ago. No one has called to cancelled either. Maybe next year. Or if he wants to do it with a buddy Phil or myself would be more than happy to do it that way.

      • tracy ficker

        Thanks Les. Tyler and a buddy would love to do this badge in the near future. Can you please let me know when your schedule might allow it. Tyler is an avid birder and was one of the first to identify the eurasian widgeon at fernald this year. He is currently participating in the cincinnati chili challenge with friend and fellow birder ethan.

      • Tracy, as with any merit badge that a scout is interested in, the scout needs to first ask his scoutmaster for a signed blue card. Then he’ll need to contact a appropriate merit badge counselor. It could be me or Phil, that doesn’t matter. After the scout makes that initial visit, hopefully with a buddy, then we can proceed. I would suggest he set it up after we do the work shop. As with any merit badge we need to make sure the scout makes all the araingements and the telephone calls to set up visits.

  3. If there is space, please sign Tyler Ficker of Troop 694 up for the bird study merit badge. Thank you.

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