A First

Tomorrow will be a first for me. That’s the day when I take part in my first field trip organized by “The Cincinnati Birders Meetup Group“. And you may ask yourself what’s this group I’ve never heard of before? Well I stumbled upon it quite by accident several weeks ago and thought why not join. I’m always looking for people to bird with, and if I can’t bird with the ones you love, bird with the ones you’re with.

From what I’m finding out about these “Meetup Groups” is that if you have any interest in just about anything, there’s a “Meetup Group” for you. Hiking, cooking, eating out, backpacking, the list goes on and on. So I’ve joined, checked out some of the member profiles (noticed that one of my birding friends, Bruce is a member) and now we’re meeting at Gilmore Ponds tomorrow at 4:30 pm. That’s right, 4:30pm. I feel I need to ask why wait till there’s less than 2 hours of daylight to go birding, but being a new member there’s probably a perfectly good explanation. So to fill that void tomorrow morning I’m off to Fernald Preserve. A full day of birding, AAHHHHH!

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