Daylight Savings Time

While watching my local news this evening I was taken by surprised by the fact that Daylight Savings Time begins in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Most people (particularly Kathy) will lament the loss of that precious hour of sleep, for myself I couldn’t be happier. Granted I could always use a little more sleep, however what I really want is more time to go birding, and this is what Daylight Savings Time means to me.

During the Winter months nothing irritated me more than some lucky birder who spotted a really good bird during the afternoon. And by the time you got off work and went home to gather you gear, you were lucky to have an hour before it got too dark. Now days are getting longer and the prospect of birding till 8:30 or later brings a smile to my face.

So with the first sightings of Pine Warblers in the tri-state, and with Daylight Savings Time this weekend, you know that Spring is just around the corner.


3 responses to “Daylight Savings Time

  1. I am not a fan of Daylight Savings Time, we Hoosiers held out until just a few years ago, but I am looking forward to birding after work. I like to be in the fireld for weekend sunrises and DST will make this a bit less painful — for a week or two.

  2. I was delighted to find when we moved out to the country in Virginia some 12 years ago that you can get very close to the blue herons on our creek. I’d never been close to one before. Awesomely elegant birds, always flying and lighting just a little further down the creek when you go canoeing. They don’t startle; they just keep a comfortable distance.

  3. DST took me totally by surprise as well. One very good feature of the summer birding season is sunrise at 6 AM- I like beating the morning rush hour to area parks!

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