That Thin Line

There are lessons we as birders are constantly learning, and mostly the hard way. It’s that thin line between common sense and desire. Let’s take this last Monday evening for instance. With Kathy, my wife, taking her finals in statistics at Cincinnati State, this left me with a few hours to go birding. So living about 35 minutes from Spring Valley Wildlife Area, I thought I’d check it out. Now if you remember that Monday was kind of cool and sunny, but windy. And I don’t mean one of those light zephyr types that rustles the leaves ever so gently. No, it was a constant, in your ear kind of annoying types. And add to that being late in the afternoon I had to work hard to get the few birds I did find.

So as I was leaving I was able to reflect on why we go birding and the conditions we practice our passion. Late in the afternoon isn’t the ideal time of day, I’m more of a morning person. And to compound things even more, that wind kept everything hunkered down. The only thing flying were the Vultures. Red-winged Blackbirds which are a constant at Spring Valley were hardly even noticed.

Now I’ve been birding long enough to know that the combination of early evening and windy conditions will create disappointment more times and not. But we still go out whenever the mood, or urge, or just for the sake of getting outside for a little bit to breath the fresh air and put the day of labor behind you.

A walk in the woods can cure a lot of woes. So if you need a re-fill on your prescription, just give my office a call in the morning, and we’ll hook you right up. So walk that thin line, but remember YOU have to take that first step.


4 responses to “That Thin Line

  1. Well put. I hadn’t been out in almost two weeks because of art shows. I got out for a couple hours yesterday and am completely renewed.

  2. Agreed- birding is something I do on top of enjoying the experience of the natural world.

  3. Renewal in this hectic world is necessary to stay centered! Great post.

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