Bird Brief

While having my morning coffee on day 2 of my trip to Lake Erie I’d thought I would give you some of the “highlight” birds for yesterday. 17 Warbler species yesterday was down from years past and I hope to spot a few more today. The winds are going to be be out of the South today which will hopefully push them more towards the lake front and out of the wood lots. You can review the Warbler species from last nights posting.

Top birds from yesterday, in my opinion include,

  1. Upland Sandpiper (Lifer # 318)
  2. Ruddy Turnstone
  3. Philadelphia Vireo ( This bird was within 6 feet of Rick and myself)
  4. Bald Eagle ( How can you not love this bird )
  5. Swainson Thrush ( The under growth has made the Thrushes difficult to see)
  6. Screech Owl

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