Bird Brief

As I start my last morning in the motel lobby having my first cup of coffee I can’t help but reflect on yesterdays bitter/sweet day. On one hand it was an outstanding day of birding, however being in the wrong place at the wrong time for 2 target birds doesn’t sit well with me. Is this one of life’s lesson that’s supposed to make one stronger? Maybe. What it does do is make me more determined.

Some of the good birds yesterday include:

  1. Black-bellied Plover:  Here’s a good bird we normally don’t see in SW Ohio except during migration, and that’s a rarity.
  2. Sandhill Crane: What a real surprise when I saw this lone bird flying over the marsh while on my way to the boardwalk.
  3. American White Pelican: Another fly over of 4 individuals while on the Estuary Trail.
  4. Black-throated Blue Warbler: Not see a single bird on my first morning I was happy to see several yesterday morning.
  5. Ruddy Turnstone: Always a treat.

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