Bird Brief

As a young adult one of my fondest memories of Saturday television was the 30 minutes I’d spend with Jim Crockett and the Victory Garden. I would absorb as much as I could in hopes of someday having my own vegetablew garden. I even went out and bought the companion guide so I could follow along. This was my bible as years later we finally had the house with enough property to have my own Victory Garden. My results over the years have ranged from awful to spectacular, and everywhere inbetween.

I normally don’t mix birdig with gardening unless it’s something very obvious, like yesterday. Binoculars aren’t something I keep in my gardening bag. Dirt and fine optics don’t mix. But having a keen sense of hearing is always a plus when you hear a Yellow-throated Vireo skulking around in the thick vegetation that seperates my yard from my neighbors.

The Yellow-throated Vireo is a new yard bird for me, and a real treat yesterday morning as Kathy and myself busied ourselves with our Spring plantings. For the longest time this was almost at the top of my nemisis bird list, and now that I’ve become familiar with it’s call it’s been easy to pick it out of all the other bird calls that fill the air on a warm Spring morning.


One response to “Bird Brief

  1. I remember Victory Garden!

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