“On The Road”

On Saturday, June 16, 2012 the “On The Road” birding team, consisting of Jon, Samantha, and yours truly will be traveling to the Edge of Appalachia Preserve in Adams County. The Nature Conservancy, in partnership with the Cincinnati Museum Center owns and manages this 16,000 acre series on nearly contiguous preserves. The target bird for this trip is the Chuck-Will’s-Widow (Caprimulgus carolinensis. This nocturnal bird is at the Northern most part of its’ range in this Southern Ohio county, so once again we’ll be relying on listening for this bird than seeing it. I’ve never been to this area before, so I’m excited about this trip.

One response to ““On The Road”

  1. Beth Hammergren

    I think when I was in YCC we did some trail work there.

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