The Need to go Birding

A series of natural and mechanical events have all but stopped me in my quest towards birding bliss. And the timing of these events could not have come at a more inappropriate time. As I’ve said in the past I’m an all-season birder, and even though birding during the Summer months can be a challenge even for the experienced birders in Southwestern Ohio, however when the temperatures reach triple digits, outdoor activities have a tendancy to come to a halt. It’s just not safe, from a health point of view. And we had (as well as a large portion of the country) multiple days in a row of these sweltering days.

Then we had a storm with some very intense wind. Then we lost power. Not just once but twice. And when you lose your power you go into survivor mode and bird watching is the last thing on your mind. You’re trying to stay cool as best you can without electricity, and resist in opening your refrigerator. So when the heat wave broke and the power came back on, one would think I might get an evening free to do a little birding. Oh no, not so fast Buddy.

Before I became a full time birder, I was a big time gardener and had an awsome vegetable garden. Each year while the kids were still young I would plant, harvest, and either can or freeze the bounty of the land. Over the subsequent years the garden became smaller and smaller as I became more involved in my childrens lives. And there were years when I never grew a garden at all, however I still kept my green thumb.

This year I put in a very nice garden and it’s coming along real well. But one thing that I learned when growing a garden is that when it’s time to harvest the crops, everything else takes a back seat. Beans, Peppers, and Cucumbers are coming on heavy and they can’t wait. Birding will have to wait, again.

The bird-mobile is in Findlay Ohio right now as I type this blog post. My oldest son is a counselor at a Boy Scout camp just outside of the Findlay, so when he came home for a brief visit this last Saturday his truck aquired a mechanical problem. So being the greatest Dad in the history of fatherhood, I tiold him to take the bird-mobile and I would put his truck in the shop to get it looked at. Now we’re down one vehicle, and to make matters worse I’m having to work later and later.

My real job believe it or not, is that I work in a hospital. And the hospital has just become a member of the 21st century when it computerized the entire hospital so it can be integrated with other hospitals and doctors offices all over the country. And with this new system comes a learning curve that you wouldn’t believe. And this leads to long hours and not enough time to go birding when you finally get home.

And I’ve not even talked about about my Daughters upcoming wedding, or my weekend trip to Mississippi to visit my Aunt and Uncle as they celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary.

So needless to say I’ve been a bit busy with other kinds of distractions that have kept me from my favorite pastime. So when will I be able to get back out into the field? Well, that’s anyones guess. But when I do, I’ll be there to post my trip. So stay tuned.


One response to “The Need to go Birding

  1. Whoa, life has a way of piling things up suddenly, doesn’t it? That windstorm was amazing, by the way. I didn’t lose power, but people a block over had generators running for a week afterwards in 100 degree heat. Ugh.

    I was out on July 4th and despite drinking a liter of water in the field, I got light headed whenever I looked up into the sky after hiking the whole morning. It pays to be careful in extreme weather.

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