Daily Archives: July 22, 2012

Bird Brief

When I heard that a documentary titled “Birders: The Central Park Effect” was going to air I was pretty excited until I found out that it was previewing on HBO. I don’t have HBO. I really didn’t pay attention who was producing, so I thought sooner or later it might make it to another channel after it played it’s course, kind of like “Band Of Brothers”.

So this weekend while I was visiting my relatives in Hattiesburg Mississippi, it was a nice surprise to see that the documentary was airing while I waited for the hotel computer to come available. Having seen what Hollywood produced recently with “The Big Year”, I was hoping that since this was a documentary they might cast a not so humorous view of birders in general.

“The Big Year” has a lot good humor with plenty of funny scenes. How can you go wrong with Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Steve Martin and a script that follows 3 birders doing their own big year. But are we as birders really like those characters depicted on the big screen? However with a documentary the cameras are on the people who come to Central Park throughout the year and bird this hotspot on the Eastern seaboard. They’re just your everyday people with a passion for birds. And that what’s so wonderful about this documentary. While I sat through this hour I couldn’t help but notice how much the passion they have is what I feel as well. A bond that’s hard to describe unless you’ve lived it yourself.

So instead of describing to you what I saw, go see it for yourself. And if you don’t have HBO, see if you have a friend who has it and ask them to record it for you. It’s that good. So here’s a little bit of a preview that I found on You Tube.