“Unmasking” the beauty.

I went outside tonight to try and get some Ruby-throated Hummingbird pictures. As in years past we’ve had a male and female buzzing around sampling some of the finest hummingbird food Maineville has to offer. And I’ve not been too happy with some of my recent results, so I’ve done a little home work and screwed around with my Canon software that came with my camera, and discovered something. “Unsharp Mask” I’m not sure how it works really, however the results from tonight are better than I expected.

As you can see I have a pretty sharp image with some good detail.


One response to ““Unmasking” the beauty.

  1. Decent results. Unsharp mask works by adding noise to the image to make it look sharper. One thing ,though: try shooting with the sun behind you. With these shots there is obvious CA(chromatic aberration), seen in the purple fringe of the bird. The CA should reduce with the sun behind you.

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