Notes From The Field

Lever Park, Symmes Township Park, & Home of the Brave Park

Today is one of those days that I wish I could be in multiple places at the same time. First we have a Hudsonian Godwit over at Brookville Lake, a lifer for me. And we have an American Avocet at Caesar Creek beach. And if that wasn’t enough a Mississippi Kite practically in my own backyard. All on the same day! WOW!

I chose to chase the Kite since it’s the closet to where I live, and the less time I spend driving gives me more time birding. The photo of the 3 Kites were taken while they roosted near Lever park. So that’s where I was heading first. No luck. I ran into another birder who was there for 30 minutes and no sighting. So I thought to myself why not drive over to Symmes park and have a look. It’s a larger park with more sky to look at. I walked into the middle of a baseball field and it was no more than a couple of minutes when I saw the adult Kite. I followed it for several minutes as it soared overhead on thermals, then drifted towards the West. So I jumped into my truck and drove across the street to the Home of the Brave Park, which was owned by Rozzi’s fireworks for a long time. I was able to re-located the Kite overhead with great views.

As it flew out of view once again, I jumped back into my truck to go back to Lever park to see if it showed up there. That’s when I meet up with Joe Kappa, who was there for the same reason. I told him that I just saw it over at the other park, he suggested we head over. After about 20 minutes we were able to spot it once again flying overhead. It landed of a moment on a cell phone tower which proved not long enough to get a picture. It only pissed off all the other smaller birds sitting on the tower.

I only wished that it would have landed so i could have taken a picture. However I felt good for Joe because this was a lifer for him. The fact that one of them is a juvenile and the other 2 are adults we can only hope that we have a return breeding pair year after year. No more traveling to Hide-A-Way Hills for your fix of Mississippi Kites, Ohio Style.

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