Notes From The field, part 2

Lever Park

After successfully spotting the Mississippi Kite soaring on the thermals over Loveland yesterday, I felt pretty content with myself, despite the fact I didn’t get a pictures. So I left and went home and had some dinner with the boys. Following dinner and clean-up I checked the Cincinnatibirds web site to see if anything else was said about the Kites. Well it seems that all 3 landed in a tree right next to Lever Park offering great views. Joe Kappa wrote “Who needs a scope”. Well that says to me that their pretty close, and I’m burning daylight if I’m to get any pictures.

Well I took over 40 pictures (I love this part of digital photography) amongst a sizable group of  prepubescent boys and girls who were rather put out by a group of birders invading there skate board area. Actually we were on the grass right next to them, not on the skate board play ground. Brain Wulker said to the group gathered that he had never birded in a skate board park before. Well, neither had I till last night. But the results were spectacular.

One response to “Notes From The field, part 2

  1. What a fantastic sight! Beautiful bird.

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