Once again a sighting I reported on to Cincinnati Birds has come under fire by individuals  who feel compelled to correct you, despite the fact that they weren’t present at the time. By using a public forum to critique your hard work and effort to provide the most accurate identification on any given bird, has turned me away from using any of the given methods of mass communication to report birds. I have to come to the realization that there are people out there who will claim that they know more than  you do, and will go to great lengths to discredit your report.

For myself personally I know that a Hudsonian Godwit is indeed a rare bird and skepticism amongst fellow birders will always be there. However when you’re looking through your scope at this bird, and everything falls into place, and you make the call, it comes as a bitter pill to swallow when an individual calls into question  your knowledge and ability.

So from this moment on I’ve “officially” retracted my HUGO sighting from eBird, despite it being “confirmed” by the eBird reviewer. I will keep this as a personal sighting and keep my “Life List” at 324, contrary to it being 323 on eBird. All forms of mass communication (a.k.a. Cincinnatibirds, and individual state Listservs) will be used as a “view only” format. Participation in reporting any unusual sighting will be curtailed and only eBird, and this blog, will be used to report any or all birds.

How does this make me feel? It makes me sad to know that to share in a great sighting will only be shared with the eBird reviewer and whomever is birding with me at the time, or whoever reads this blog. And if you’ve ever birded with me in the past, you know how I can get pretty lucky, and spot some unusual birds.

Who’s loss will it be?

Not mine.



4 responses to “Editorial

  1. Birding with you has been lucky for me, brother.

  2. Les, I don’t think you should let some self rightious butt heads upset you. Think of all the good birders who benefit from rare sightings in the area. You are a great, reliable birder. Keep posting. YIB

  3. Please don’t do this. As Phil said above, think of the kind birders who benefit from your sightings. Do they really deserve to be punished just for a few people’s arrogance? Just stay confident about your sightings and stand your ground if another questions what you saw. (believe me, I’ve dealt with this a lot just because I’m young)

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