Fall Hunting Season

With the official start to Autumn less than 3 weeks away, one would think that the one thing that would be on any birders mind would be Fall migration. And you’d be correct in that assumption, however as we start to gear up for the return of our web-footed friends we must be mindful, and ever vigilant when it comes to hunting season. Whether it’s for Ducks, Geese ,Deer, or Coots the hunting season will be upon us and then we’ll have to share the forests and lakes with the hunters.  Orange blaze and mossy oak camo will be the primary colors as we spy upon that raft of Buffelheads in the early morning sunrise.

So we kind of have to get used to it despite whether your in favor of this past time or not. What I do is prepare myself before hand to avoid any accidents. So I’ve stashed my blaze orange vest in the back of the bird-mobile to wear whenever I’m anywhere near hunters. That is my one pearl of wisdom I’m giving to you. Buy a cheap vest, or hat, or whatever will make you stick out so your not mistaken as Bambi.

And another thing to think about before you go walking into the woods, are the dates for hunting season in Ohio. So I’ve taken it upon myself to do some homework, and now I’m going to provide for you some important dates that you can share with the ones you love.

Geese & Brant Season

Lake Erie Zone

  1. 10/13/2012—-10/28/2012
  2. 11/10/2012—-1/10/2013

North Zone

  1. 10/13/2012—-10/28/2012
  2. 11/24/2012—-1/6/2013
  3. 1/12/2013—-1/29/2013

South Zone

  1. 10/20/2012—-11/11/2012
  2. 12/8/2012—-1/31/2013

Duck, Coot, Merganser, Canvasback Season

Lake Erie Zone

  1. 10/13/2012—-10/28/2012
  2. 11/10/2012—-12/23/2012

North Zone

  1. 10/13/2012—-10/28/2012
  2. 11/24/2012—-1/6/2013

South Zone

  1. 10/20/2012—-10/28/2012
  2. 12/8/2012—-1/27/2013

( If you don’t know what “Zone” you live in click on this “LINK” that will take you to a page where if you scroll down the page it will provide you a map that shows all the zones.

White-tailed Deer Season

Bow      9/29/2012—-2/3/2013

Early Muzzle loading    10/15/2012—-10/20/2012 (only at Wildcat Hollow, Salt Fork Wildlife Area, & Shawnee State Forest)

Youth Gun    11/17/2012—-11/18/2012


  1. 11/26/2012—-12/2/2012
  2. 12/15/2012—-12/16/2012

Muzzle Loading    1/5/2013—-1/8/2013

So enjoy your Autumn birding trips, but be safe.


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