Daily Archives: September 11, 2012

The Tale of a Torn Meniscus

As one of the most passive of pastime activities bird watching by all accounts doesn’t require that much exertion on the part of the birder. Walking at a brisk pace is the extent of what you’ll normally see if you happen upon one of us out in the field. However if you’re doing something really stupid, like hanging out over a cliff edge to see some rarity, or walking while you have your binoculars up to your face, then accidents do happen. And this is the tale of such an accident.

The second week in May will find me for the past couple of years birding up on Lake Erie during Spring migration. And the Spring of 2011 is no different than any other Spring, except for this one day while I was at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. While I was casually walking along the boardwalk scanning the trees and low growing vegetation for birds news reached me of a Golden-winged Warbler being sighted further down the trail. Vermivora chrysoptera is considered an uncommon visitor and even during migration they’re hard to pick up. So as I hurried along to catch up to the group of birders that I’m sure has gathered to locate this bird, I stepped into a hole.

The above picture is my proof of the group of birders mentioned. As you can see the path was no more than a grass trail, and I was unfortunate enough to have stepped into this stupid hole.

There was sharp pain in my knee, but nothing too bad to keep me from continuing. And as you can see from the poor photo below I did see the Golden-winged Warbler.

I hobbled around for the next few days, taking Advil for the pain when necessary till after awhile the symptoms went away.

Fast forward to a Saturday in August. Phil and I were out for a day of birding at Caesar Creek. Our first stop for the day was to be the beach, so as I pulled into the parking lot and parked the bird-mobile, that’s when it happened. I stepped out of the truck and a really sharp pain radiated from my right knee. I was so afraid to put any weight on it and the possibility of falling. So I used my tripod any limped over to a picnic table and sat down.

Now at the time I didn’t think for one moment that I tore my meniscus, I thought I just hyper-extended a ligament or tendon. It’s just not getting any better so I went to the doctor yesterday and his feelings are a torn meniscus. So until I get my MRI I won’t know for sure what’s going on with my knee, so in the mean time I’m off for the rest of the week getting ready for the inevitable. So I don’t know how much birding will be taking place during this period, however I’ll keep you all informed as to my outcome.