First the Good News…

If you’ve not heard by now I have a knee injury which is both keeping me away from work, as well as away from birding. My initial visit to the doctor lead him to the conclusion that I had a torn meniscus, which sounds reasonable considering my history with my right knee. However the jury was out on a final diagnosis till the results of my MRI came in. And that’s the good news, no torn meniscus, and no surgery. Now the bad news. I have a small fracture involving the medial tibial plateau, which explains the pain when either I stand or walk too long.

So in addition to the week off the doctor instructed after my first visit with him, now he has added another 2 weeks onto that. That will take me to my daughter’s wedding and an additional week that I had originally taken after the wedding was over. So when you add this all together it’s 1  month off, and hopefully a recovered knee.

So as I recuperate at home what does one do with all this spare time and no birds to track down. Well you buy a new bird book and do a review on it. So yesterday before my doctor’s visit, I cruised down to the Half Price Bookstore  that’s just down the street from my doctor’s office. And I came across a dandy this time.

So my full review will be forthcoming, so check under the “Library” tab in a few days.


3 responses to “First the Good News…

  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  2. Ouch! Sorry to hear this happened. And during the autumn migration even!

  3. Wow. Heal quickly. Always a good news bad news scenario.

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