Feeder Friends

As the weather starts to cool off and Autumn envelopes us in it’s colorful display of brightly toned leaves, I dig into my garage and clean off my bird feeders. I normally won’t feed birds during the warmer months so they can forage for their own food and not rely on human intervention. This Fall and Winter I’m changing things up a little by placing the majority of my feeders in the back yard, and leaving just one wire mesh seed feeder for the front. My thought for this change up was so I could sit on my deck and digiscope any neat bird that comes to my variety of food I have out for them. Being situated about 70 feet and slightly elevated from the feeders I have a real nice view and I don’t think I’ll disturb them as they feed.

On the left is a tube feeder with Sunflower seeds enclosed in a wire cage so the squirrels won’t get at it. Underneath is a seed catcher so all the seeds that are dropped will be picked up by other birds. In the middle is a suet feeder in a basic cage. And on the right is a thistle feeder.

So I was out this afternoon after work sitting on my deck enjoying a Spaten Oktoberfest Bier when I noticed a couple birds on the thistle feeder. Swinging my spotting scope around and focusing down a little, I was delighted to see a new yard bird, #71, a Pine Siskin.

Then more and more started to show up as word spread that the food was pretty good at Houser’s Bar and Grill.

I heard this White-breasted Nuthatch before I saw him. As I was glancing around my tree that was close to my feeding station. I noticed him busy at work. I turned my scope around in the hopes of maybe getting a picture. Well as you can see from the picture he has a Sunflower Seed in it’s beak and he’s getting ready to stash it in the bark of the tree to be eaten at a later date when food becomes slim.

As the year wears on and 2013 greets us with cold and blustery weather, I hope to bring you more and more of my new Feeder Friends.


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