Feeder Friends/ #72

If you were to compare “Yard Lists” with someone from northern Ohio to a person like yours truly in southwestern Ohio the sheer number of different species would make any “lister of yard birds” green with envy. Now within the past week and a half I’ve added to new birds to my life list.

While taking the garbage out I grabbed my bins to see if the Pine Siskins had come back., which they are, when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a smaller bird clinging to the side of the trunk of a tree. I dives to my seed feeder and flies back to the tree. Getting on him it turns out to be my first Red-breasted Nuthatch. My older son saw one a couple of years ago so I knew that they frequented my feeders, but catching one is a different story.

No picture yet, however it it stays around and becomes comfortable with the fact that were no threat, except for the neighborhood Cooper’s Hawk, he might light and stay put to feed. More to come as Autumn turns into Winter.


One response to “Feeder Friends/ #72

  1. It seems to be a good season for Red-Breasted Nuthatches this year!

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