Rare Bird Alert


The irruption of White-winged Crossbills have finally reached us here in Southwestern Ohio with a great sighting of a small flock of 30 at Sugar Grove Cemetery in Wilmington yesterday. They were feeding in a lone Hemlock tree which is one of their primary food sources. Last year when I visited another cemetery in Toledo for the same species of birds, that was the type of tree you needed to locate for the best chance to spot these great birds. Happy hunting.


2 responses to “Rare Bird Alert

  1. Keep your eyes open for Common Redpolls and Pine Grosbeaks as well! We have lots in Ottawa, Canada right now. Also have a Northern Hawk-Owl and Snowy Owl around too, so it may be a good year for these birds in southern areas!

  2. Was myself that first found these birds, its only 500 yards from my door.
    Did manage to see a few of them first thing saturday morning but on returning at midday none could be found…….i will be checking it out again later, will post anything positive.

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