Rare Bird Alert


The 2 juvenile and 1 adult Ross’s Geese, or Goose, which was originally spotted at the beach on Caesar Creek Lake S.P. were still present this afternoon at 3:30 pm. Unfortunately for them duck hunting season opens tomorrow morning, so FLY AWAY!

IMG_2037 IMG_2025 IMG_2032

2 responses to “Rare Bird Alert

  1. I was at Miami valley south hospital. Picking up my wife at the back entrance and spotted what I perceived to be purple finches in some pine trees. But with my experience seeing many of these birds I started to get excited thinking these 4 birds were white winged cross bills. After further investigation I realized I had spotted pine grosbeaks right there with no fear of getting very close to make identification 95percent sure. I was amazed at how accurate their color was red rump red on top and wings . I was very excited to see and put these northern gems on my life list in Ohio. Having birdied for a while but not frequently I am not sure how rare this sighting is in Ohio. Any response is much appreciated.

    • A very rare bird especially this time of year. Even in the Winter when they move south out of Canada and the far northern states I’ve yet to hear of a Pine Grosbeak sighting on any of the bird watching web sites. That doesn’t mean you didn’t see one. Remember that they are just a bit smaller than your normal Robin. And if you truly feel that you saw one you may want to submit this sighting to “eBird” and include everything you can remember about the bird. This is an important find and worth documenting.
      Thanks again for the comment and the question.

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