And the answers are…

I’m sure you’ve all been racking your brains to find the answers to my little quiz from my last post. So without further ado, the answers are…

  1. Duck Hawk-Peregrine Falcon
  2. Holboell’s Grebe-Red-necked Grebe
  3. Old Squaw-Long-tailed Duck
  4. Red-backed Sandpiper-Dunlin
  5. Short-billed Marsh Wren-Sedge Wren
  6. Sycamore Warbler-Yellow-throated Warbler
  7. Grinnell’s Waterthrush-Northern Waterthrush
  8. Pine-woods Sparrow-Bachman’s Sparrow

Number 8 really was a surprise. I never thought that Bachman’s Sparrows were indigenous to Ohio. Maybe at one time they were, I have to remember this is 1955.


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