January 100 Species Challenge

Anytime when one hires re-modelers to do work within your home you feel an obligation to return home after work to check up on their progress. And when you do this, it really cuts into any spare time left in the day to go birding. This was the theme for my first week of work after my surgery. Believe me when I say that I trusted the father/ son duo who set about tearing out and putting back together our master bath. And with any re-modeling job came the late days and the inevitable “I guess I can’t go birding now” lament.

But cheer up, the weekend has come and I have a few good tips, and I added yet another bird to my “January List”. While sitting at my desk at work today and looking out our large windows that overlook the back parking lot of the hospital I work at, FINALLY, a lone Turkey Vulture made some lazy circles in the sky for several minutes before going out of sight.

All I can say is, “It’s about time”.

#89-Turkey Vulture


One response to “January 100 Species Challenge

  1. Nice! We won’t see them here until late March.

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