January 100 Species Challenge

It’s a beautiful day in the Ohio Valley with sunny skies and temperatures reaching into the 50’s with a nice stiff breeze. And what a great day it would be for birding you would think. And you’d be correct in thinking that, however sometimes fate has a way to rears it’s ugly head and squash your hopes. Now I could bore you with all of the details about my re-modeler coming over today to get paid, or how my oldest son’s truck, a.k.a. Birdmobile 1, had a slight electrical problem (headlights not working), and it needed to go into the shop.

So after all of these calamitous events I was still able to pick up a new bird for my January list through the help from Jonathan who spotted some Common Golden-eyes at Grand Valley, which by the way is very close to where the truck was getting repaired. So after picking up the truck from the shop I was off. 2 beautiful males.

  • #90-Common Golden-eye

3 responses to “January 100 Species Challenge

  1. 10 more. I have faith in you.

  2. Great!

    Just an FYI- the Harris’s Sparrow was seen again today at Pickerington Ponds at a different feeder:


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