A New Guide

As the cold embrace of Winter lingers still throughout the Ohio valley, and our normal routine of birding is interrupted by weather events, we sometimes have to suck it up and just stay home. And what better time to brush up on some of our own personnel issues you might have at bird identification on some of those pesky birds. So the natural thing to do is reach into our own library and locate the volume  that will give us the info we so desperately seek.

Which brings me to the subject of field guides. Recently on Facebook, Uber-birder Jen Brumfield  from the Cleveland area posted a picture of a new field guide with the yet to be announced release date. And if you couldn’t tell by now the picture above is said field guide. The “Peterson Reference Guide To Seawatching” just might be your next purchase, especially for those who live near or close to any of the Great Lakes or the Atlantic coast. For myself this will be a must have since I’m not very good with properly identifying seabirds in flight.

So I started to dig around to find out as much as I could about this book, and believe you me there isn’t a whole lot of information available. I did check with Amazon.com to see if they had anything related to this book, and they did. If you click on the blue highlighted text it will take you to the book listing at Amazon. So according to them the book will sell for $23.10 and the release date won’t be till September 17th of this year.

So save those pennies.


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