Backyard Bully

For the past several weeks now a Northern Mockingbird has muscled his way into being the dominate bird at my backyard feeder. Watching on several occasions this Mockingbird has chased every bird that comes around to feed. Which leaves me in a predicament. I like feeding the birds during the colder months, but not at the expense of be bullied out of the yard. Nor do I remove the feeders in an attempt to rid the Mockingbird from his territory and his possessiveness of my feeders.

IMG_2349This is him keeping ever vigilant guarding his feeder.

IMG_2358And if he’s not perched on the feeder, he’s waiting to ambush the next helpless Finch or Cardinal who happens by.

Whatever the outcome might be, it has been fun watching this unfold in my own backyard.


2 responses to “Backyard Bully

  1. I wish mockingbirds were more common around here. They are handsome fellows!

  2. I didn’t realize they were so aggressive! I saw one along a reservoir a couple of weeks ago- he was hanging around a deer carcass…

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