Notes From The Field/ # 329

Higginsport Ohio

As we all know by now, birding requires usage of both auditory, and visual skills. We all would like to be able to see every bird we tick off, and some hard core birders feel this is the only way to count a bird. Other hard core birders graduated from a different school of thought where they feel that if you can ID a bird by it’s call or song you can count it. Such was the case last year when Jon and myself were able to ID a Chuck Wills Widow by the call. And today was the same.

For the past several days now the Barn Owl nesting in this giant Sycamore tree on the edge of town has been both seen and heard. I’m sure this is the same bird that I dipped on 2 years ago, and with the recent sighting just yesterday morning spurred me into action. But this time it was different. My wife Kathy went along.

So at 5:00 am we drove to Higginsport, which sits on the Ohio River to locate this Owl. We arrived at 6:30 and pulled onto a gravel drive past the Sycamore. This tree overlooks a large overgrown field where a baseball diamond once stood. Now granted I didn’t see the Owl, but it was a good thing that I listened to several recordings of a Barn Owl to familiarize myself with it’s different call. And sure enough it called twice from what I believe was it’s roost on the other side of the field.

I will probably make more trips to this area so I can at least get a visual, however I’m very happy with what I got instead.


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