Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Let’s have a show of hands now. How do you carry your binoculars?

  1. Harness style
  2. Neck strap
  3. Tripod/ Monopod
  4. Hands ( not recommended )
  5. Other

A couple of years ago I changed over from using a neck strap to a harness . The reason for the change was neck fatigue from the weight of my bins, and when using a neck strap my cadence from walking would start making my bins swing from side to side. This was annoying to say the least. So the harness was the natural solution, however there is one drawback when trying to use a harness especially during colder/ rainy weather. When wearing heavier coats, jackets or lined rain jackets it’s difficult to get the harness on without having to readjust  the straps. Then when it warms up having to go through the process again of readjusting the straps. And the problem with myself is that my harness is adjusted all the way out, so I have no more room.

So I came up with a solution that would combine the best of both worlds. To be able to remove the harness, and then attach the neck strap without having to think about it anymore.

IMG_2420As you can see by the above picture how the plastic clip attaches to the already attached slip ring assembly, that then stays connected to my bins. Pretty simple and straight forward.

IMG_2419Now with my original neck strap that came with my binoculars I went to my neighborhood Lowes and pick up 2 metal clips and attached them to my neck strap. Now I feel like I have a very versatile way of carrying my bins for whatever type of outerwear I wearing at the time.




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