Birding by Ear

I woke up sick today. I felt it coming on yesterday while at work and was hoping it wouldn’t come to calling off from work. However there was no way around it this morning after I woke up and knew that my premonition from yesterday was correct. So now while the morning wanes into afternoon, I’m sitting on my front porch drinking some juice and listening to the birds.
As I Concentrate on writing this post a Field Sparrow is calling from across the street from the empty lot. This is such a good exercise as Spring migration and the breeding season comes into full bloom. To be able to pick out all the different bird songs is a skill that we as birders always work at. These are skills thAt we hone so even the most common of birds can be readily identified.
With the warmer weather leaving some the windows open to the house let in a symphony of bird songs that was glorious even if someone was ill. Chipping Sparrow, Northern Mockingbird, Carolina Wren, American Robin, House Sparrow were filling the house with songs.
As a birder we rely on a keen sense if hearing g to be able to locate and identify the birds, however just the sweet music can be all that we need to sustain us. The sound of nature at it’s best.


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