The Passenger Pigeon

As most everyone knows the last Passenger Pigeon died at the Cincinnati Zoo on September 1st, 1914. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of this extinct species local wildlife artist John Ruthven has painted a beautiful portrait of “Martha”, the last Passenger Pigeon.

However there is more to this picture than just “Martha”. As you will see in the next piture, “Martha” is leading a massive flock of Passenger Pigeons as they fly over the avian houses that once stood at the Cincinnati Zoo. The only one left is the one where “Martha” was housed.

That’s the artist himself, 88 year old John Ruthven, whom many consider the modern day Audubon.

And when the mural is completed it will look like this. The building, which is lucky enough to have it painted on it’s side, is located at 8th and Vine St. in downtown Cincinnati. The date of the mural’s dedication is yet to be announced, but it will be in the month of September.

I may not be there for the official, but I will visit this site to check out this beautiful mural.

One response to “The Passenger Pigeon

  1. That’s beautiful work! I heard somewhere that there may be some consideration of trying to bring back the Passenger Pigeon through cloning, with cells taken from stuffed remains.

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